the art of camouflage and concealment

The art of camouflage and concealment

The art of camouflage and concealment is one of the latest and most advanced modern warfare techniques, but animals have been masters of it for ages. The lives of most of them are passed in constant conflict. Those who have enemies from whom they can not escape through rapid movement must hide or disguise. Those who hunt for a living must approach their prey without unnecessary noise or attention to themselves. It is very remarkable how nature helps the wild creatures disguise themselves by colouring them with various shades best calculated to escape enemies or to entrap prey.


The animals are usually coloured according to their environment, but a few exceptions exist for a good reason. Many of the more striking instances of this defensive similarity in animals derive from their close contact with the local flora and natural scenery. No aspect of a tree is not replicated and imitated by these clever insects, like flowers, fruits, bark, and roots. Often, the faithfulness of detail in this imitation is astounding.

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