Congratulations to all S.S.C. students! SSC Results Telangana


Choosing the right career is a difficult task in everyone’s life.
We are guiding students towards the right choice according to their talent and interest.

Intermediate has become most of the students’ priorities lately, after 10th Class. Most of the students are selecting the following courses to study,

M.P.C. – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.
Bi. P.C. – Biology, Physics, Chemistry.
C.E.C. – Civics, Economics, Commerce.
M.E.C. – Mathematics, Economics, Commerce.
H.E.C. – History, Economics, Commerce.

Apart from these regular courses, 27 combinational courses and 31 vocational courses also available. The intermediate course is for a duration of 2 years after which the student is going to Degree.

.2. Polytechnic

Polytechnic is a diploma level course which is for a duration of 3 years. It is the course which is equivalent to intermediate two years course, and degree 1st year. Those who have completed polytechnic enter the college as lateral entry. It has a lot of career opportunities for Polytechnic, both in the Government and private sectors. The branches in Polytechnic are,

1) Mechanical Engineering
2) Civil Engineering
3) Computer Engineering
4) Textile Technology
5) Automobile Engineering
6) Chemical Engineering
7) Electrical Engineering
8) Electronics Engineering

3. I.T.I.

I.T.I. is also like polytechnic courses but is not diploma level, the branches in I.T.I. is also almost the same as Polytechnic, courses available in I.T.I. are

1) Mechanical
2) Fitter
3) Electrician
4) Carpenter
5) Plumber

4. Paramedical.

The paramedical board offers courses in the medical field, which are mainly helpful in an emergency. A paramedic is a healthcare professional who will primarily work as part of emergency medical services (E.M.S.), such as on an ambulance. Some of the courses are two years, and some are 1-year courses, below are two years course after 10th Class.

1) Diploma in Medical Lab Technology DMLT
2) Diploma in Optometry Technician D.O.T.
3) Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant D.O.A.
4) Diploma in Hospital Foodservice Management DHFM

5. Short Term Courses

There are many short-term courses available. The available period like six months, one year and two years and this period is based on the course, the short term course in the computers are.

1) D.T.P.
2) 2D graphics
3) 3D graphics
5) Tally
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