solar water heating

A Solar Water Heating System Is The Best Solution For Your Pool During Those Cold, Cold Months


The beach ball has been inflated. You’ve bought some funky swimsuits to wear. The suntan lotion is ready. The shades are raring to go. And every member of your family, and perhaps even your friends, are itching to take a dip in your swimming pool, which has become the pride of your humble abode. There’s just one problem.


It’s winter, and the water is freezing cold!


Ordinarily, this will pose a problem. A huge one at that. Who will want to take a dip in water that can send chills up their brains, right?


Thankfully, there are many water heating systems available. Gas-powered pumps can provide the warmth that your swimming pool will need throughout those cold cold months. So will electric heaters that will generate enough heat to keep things enjoyable.


But these water heating solutions cost a lot of money. Gas and electricity are consumables, after all. Once they’re exhausted, you’d need some more, and they don’t come for free.


For this reason, solar water heating is a better alternative. Solar water heating is made possible by installing solar panels in your home, often on your roof. These solar panels will receive and store the heat of the sun. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coldest day of the year or if it’s snowing outside; these solar panels will still be able to harness the sun’s rays and store their heat energy.


After that, the solar water heating system will transmit the heat on some surface or tunnels where the swimming pool’s water will pass. As the water traverses these areas, the stored heat will warm them up. The result? A swimming pool with warm water, regardless of the season!


The setup is more cost-efficient than other water heating solutions. Solar panels automate the entire process from the natural heat energy they harness. There is no need to purchase gas nor electricity. Everything is provided for.


Most of these systems have thermo-regulators to control the level of warmth that can be generated for your swimming pool. However, a lot of these systems still employ the old fashioned way, that is, by adding and reducing the number of solar panels to achieve the desired temperature for your tank. For some people, this may be too menial a task to carry out such a vital function, but considering the other expensive alternatives, the extra effort you will have to extend will be very much worth it.