personal development and self improvement

The goal of Personal Development and Self Improvement is to help you achieve your goals in life. Both are intended to give you the skills you need to achieve whatever you want to achieve. But can personal development or self-improvement change your life situations?
Well, the purpose of both self-improvement and personal development is to do just that. They are both just devices that are used to ensure you will succeed in your chosen life areas. They are designed to encourage you to become more content inside and more satisfied with what you have outside in any area you decided to apply them!

You may not now know how to continue. So, what sort of personal development goals should you set? How do you begin to develop self-improvement goals that will guide you to freedom, a more profound feeling of happiness, help you achieve a more satisfying lifestyle and ultimately create more prosperity in your life? This question is not easy to answer because success means different things to different people. Therefore, if you aspire to become successful, you need first to understand what success means!

A fabulous way to get clear on what success signifies for you is to ask yourself the question, “what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Allow yourself to experience the mental image that is produced. The vision created in your mind will reveal what you want in life, and you can see what success means to you from this vision.

Individuals have a natural ability to know what they want and believe that they can have it from the moment they are born. Dreams and desires emerge in us at a very young age. However, as we get older, we are conditioned to assume that these visions are either unrealistic or figments of our imagination. You are told to get an excellent education to find a promising job that will allow you to get a mortgage, marry, have children, and go about your daily life. Most people have given up on their dreams by the time they hit their twenties or have forgotten what those dreams were in the first place. They’ve grown used to thinking that they’ll never be able to achieve their goals in life.
It is the role of personal growth and self-improvement to reject these conditioned mental attitudes from your inner mind, freeing you to follow the life path you have chosen for yourself. You will begin today to eradicate the mental conditioning you received from well-meaning relatives, friends, and teachers using personal growth and self-improvement. Furthermore, you will be motivated to eliminate all negative mental attitudes that you have gained through negative life experiences and those presented to you by not-so-well-meaning people. While this is not always an easy or pleasurable path to take, the benefits you will reap from it will be well worth it.
The liberation you will experience by eliminating only one negative mental and emotional pattern is close to the peace and tranquillity you experience after engaging in strenuous physical exercise. Removing various negative mental attitudes and emotional stressors from the mind and body is a sensation and experience difficult to describe to someone who has never experienced it.

You will achieve your goals by suppressing your mind’s negative mental and emotional attitudes. Allow me to demonstrate.
For example, you will aspire to be wealthy and set a personal development target to achieve financial independence. There are thousands of different approaches to accomplishing this goal. You could implement thousands of systems and strategies that would get you closer to your target. Millions of people have risen from obscurity to affluence. So, what is the difference between pursuing a plan that works for one person and a plan that does not work for another?
It is entirely due to the disparity of personality and mental conditioning!
Many personal growth and self-improvement approaches are available to assist you in achieving this goal. These tools and strategies are not intended to teach you how to become financially free but rather to liberate you from your inner resistance to being financially free. Many people think this is a waste of time and would prefer to be given step by step instructions to create financial wealth, and I was once one of them. However, no matter how much effort I put in or how many ‘guaranteed’ formulas I used, my financial situation did not improve and, in many cases, worsened.
What was the reason for this? Were the plans I was pursuing simply insufficient to generate wealth?
All of the above questions have a negative response!
The plans I followed had succeeded thousands of people and made them wealthy! The people selling me the goods and strategies had all made their fortunes using the same methods they were attempting to teach me! It wasn’t until I went through a lot of pain and learned many lessons that I realized the truth: acquiring wealth has nothing to do with a chance!
It wasn’t that these things weren’t good enough to generate the riches I desired; it was that I BELIEVED I wasn’t. When you have a poor self-image and a pessimistic view of yourself and your abilities, it is difficult to achieve success no matter how hard you work!
Your mindset, which is just made up of thoughts and emotions, controls your behaviour. Thought is the source of action! No matter how small or large, every step you take starts in your mind as a thought. Every thinking starts with a feeling. Consider the last time you saw your current partner. You were initially drawn to her. This evolved into a thought or series of thoughts about meeting the person. Then you did anything to make it happen. Consider a time when you got together with your friends for a social event. You had the impression that you wanted to have some fun or be with your friends, that you were lonely, and so on. Then you had the idea. Then you took action.
Do you think you will succeed at a given task if you have a negative mental attitude about it or your ability to follow if your thoughts and feelings guide your decisions? Is your attitude composed of thoughts and feelings?
When you accept personal growth and start using various self-improvement strategies to eliminate your negative mental beliefs, you will naturally find yourself becoming more competitive in life. Your intentions will be more constructive, and you will unconsciously take the necessary steps to achieve success. I’m sure you can see how important it is to set specific personal growth objectives. Not only can you see improvements in yourself, but you will also see many signs of success added unto you!