Eco-friendly fuels – Advantages

Eco-friendly fuels advantages

Last year was a turning point in which environmentally friendly alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles gained substantial attention and a growing market share. Furthermore, the AAA Great Battery Roundup collected and disposed of over 20,000 discarded vehicle batteries in an environmentally responsible manner.

However, you do not need to have old batteries lying around or purchase a new vehicle to conserve the environment. According to AAA spokesman Michael Calkins, you may make a significant difference by implementing two simple strategies: regular vehicle maintenance and better driving behaviours.

The following pointers will get you started on the path to environmentally responsible auto care.

* To save fuel, keep your engine running at peak performance. Maintain your car regularly at the intervals advised by the manufacturer. If the “check engine” warning light is on, seek service as soon as possible.

Find a reputable repair shop by asking friends for referrals or searching for AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities near you on

* Check the tire pressure in your car regularly. To maintain a given speed, underinflated tires force your engine to work more and consume more fuel.

* Only allow certified technicians to maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning system to handle appropriately and recycle automotive refrigerants. Older air conditioning systems may contain ozone-depleting substances that could be released into the environment.

* In certain older automobiles, hazardous mercury switches are used to turn on hood, trunk, and glove-box lights. Many groups across the country, including some AAA clubs, currently host mercury “swap out” programs. These environmentally dangerous elements are removed and recycled, and nontoxic mechanical switches are installed in their stead.

* Avoid “jackrabbit” starts, abrupt acceleration, and speeds over posted limits; all of these habits drain petrol.

* Dispose of engine fluids and batteries properly. To find out how to contact your local government’s waste management organization. Never dispose of liquids on the ground or in any way that allows them to enter groundwater, lakes, or streams.

Proper vehicle maintenance and ecologically responsible driving habits save natural resources, reduce exhaust emissions, and reward you with a car that lasts longer and is safer to drive. In other words, when you “go green,” the Earth wins, your automobile wins, and you win the most!